The purpose of this site is to present studies of the Bible, and examine Christianity from a historical and theological perspective.  Contemporary Christianity is well known for its division into many different sects, and a common aim of many Christians is to determine what is right doctrine (orthodoxy), and right practice (orthopraxy), as originally taught by the apostles.

The return to apostolic Christianity is considered a Holy Grail by many Christians, and an impossible endeavour by others.  Some Christians believe that apostolic Christianity is irrelevant to subsequent Christians, some believe it is impossible to define apostolic Christianity, and some believe that apostolic Christianity can be (and has been), legitimately replaced by developments and innovations in doctrine and practice by later generations.

It is the position of this site that apostolic Christianity is definable, and is preferable to modern incarnations of the Christian faith.  Studies will be presented examining the historical development of various Christian doctrines subsequent to the apostolic age, and the various disputes and controversies which have arisen over the centuries.

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